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Wellness product giveaways

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Swag Boxes. Company Stores. Lip Balm. Hand Sanitizer. First Aid Kits. Pill Containers. Fanny Packs. Fitness Gifts. Yoga Mats. Water Bottles. Flying Discs. Some companies gift wellness kits to employees as incentives or rewards for participating in workplace wellness programs.

Wellness gifts for employees like aromatherapy candles and stress relief kits can also help promote mental health initiatives in the workplace.

And high end swag like custom fitness trackers or smart watches and name brand athletic apparel and accessories are healthy gifts for staff that can be used as wellness prizes for employee health fairs.

These popular and affordable promotional health products also work well in a wellness swag bag or health fair goodie bag. Each of these promotional products are high-quality and on-trend; they can also be customized with your company logo and colors to promote brand awareness and loyalty.

These high-quality promotional products can be used for health and wellness swag giveaways. They can also be included in wellness kits for employees to promote healthy eating and adequate hydration at work!

A creative corporate wellness swag idea for The HidrateSpark Steel 17 Oz. It also features a rechargeable battery and includes a charging cable.

This BPA-free, vacuum-insulated stainless-steel bottle is designed to keep beverages cold for up to 24 hours. Customize the bottle by choosing between unique glow colors and exciting light patterns available within the HidrateSpark app.

Carefully constructed from materials like bamboo fiber fabric and BPA-free plastic, this lunch cooler set is perfect for healthy lunches at work or while traveling! Stay healthy and hydrated anywhere you go with a customizable hydration sling bag.

Ideal for carrying a water bottle and small items like snacks and keys while exercising outdoors. The Wellness Journal by Moleskine is designed to grow into a permanent and uniquely customized record of your nutrition, fitness, and wellness journey, tracking all your healthy lifestyle goals along the way.

This handy sports shaker makes it easy to mix up pre-and-post workout protein shakes. An ideal promotional item for an active, athletic crowd. Add your company logo to make it your own. Some great fitness swag ideas for physical therapy and fitness centers, chiropractors, and wellness companies include:.

These wireless sports earbuds by Skullcandy are built to fit without falling out. With hands-free voice control, flexible over-ear hooks, and superior water and sweat resistance, they are the ultimate audio partner for long outdoor adventures.

The Push Active technology provides up to 44 hours of total battery life. With rapid charge, 10 minutes of charging provides two extra hours of playback.

Fitness tote bags are ideal for storing and transporting gym gear and clothes. Add your brand logo and colors to one of these functional and fashionable designs. Sometimes the best swag for effective giveaways is the simplest. Fitness towels are perfectly sized for any activity!

They can also be worn as a bandana. Muscle-building resistance bands are increasingly popular with consumers. This set provides three different levels of resistance light, medium, and heavy and includes an instruction manual and customizable carrying pouch. Customizable yoga mats are one of the best wellness giveaway ideas for health fairs in Relax and recover from any activity, trip, or long day with the Oasis 3-Piece Massage and Recovery Kit.

Included in the kit are all the essential pieces needed to increase blood flow, prevent injury, reduce muscle pain, and assist muscle recovery. Includes a soft TPE spikey ball, PVC solid ball, and muscle roller stick in a convenient carrying bag.

Wellness in the workplace is always a priority for employers that want to improve employee retention and productivity.

Job fields that require significant emotional labor — including customer service, sales, management, education, and nursing — can often lead to job burnout and decreased productivity.

In conjunction with stress management and workplace wellness programs, mental health gifts for employees like aromatherapy kits and stress relief desk toys can help promote a healthy work environment.

These thoughtful, customizable employee wellness swag gifts will help them practice crucial self-care and avoid burnout at work.

Gift boxes for remote employees should contain useful and unique items that promote wellness and productivity at home or while traveling for business. Communing with nature is key to holistic health, boosting your immune health, and improving your happiness and wellbeing.

Give them the gift of outdoor relaxation with this travel-friendly, packable hammock in navy and gray.

Inexpensive Wellness Swag Gifts for Wellness Goodie Bags · Jelly Smacker Stress Ball with Sound · Yoga Stretch Band · Sun Pack Gift Set Branded health giveaways can include items like first aid kits, hand sanitizers, or custom wellness journals, which encourage employees to prioritize their Attendees at your event will appreciate practical wellness health fair handouts and gifts they can use at home and at work. Our first-aid kits, silicone

Wellness product giveaways - 4AllPromos offers a wide selection of custom wellness and personal care giveaways with the lowest price, guaranteed! Inexpensive Wellness Swag Gifts for Wellness Goodie Bags · Jelly Smacker Stress Ball with Sound · Yoga Stretch Band · Sun Pack Gift Set Branded health giveaways can include items like first aid kits, hand sanitizers, or custom wellness journals, which encourage employees to prioritize their Attendees at your event will appreciate practical wellness health fair handouts and gifts they can use at home and at work. Our first-aid kits, silicone

Beyond showing care and compassion in your interactions, wellness promotional items go a long way. These types of employee gifts are of great use since it is a gift that betters the recipient's life in some way or another. There are more cosmetic and wellness products that you can imprint with your custom logo than you may think.

In more recent years, we have seen more and more companies focusing on these promotional giveaway products as they have a higher demand. Whether you plan on handing out some branded lip balm at your next trade show or business convention or if you want to bulk order enough to hand them out to all your staff, here are some ideas to get you started.

Since these types of promotional company swag items make great business travel items, you should consider handing out a promotional toiletry bag to fit all these imprinted cosmetics.

Consider updating your company first aid kits with some custom health kits. Then you can hand out these little company swag goodie bags as holiday employee gifts or even to new hires as part of their onboarding.

Make a long-lasting impact on your audience when you give away any of our promotional wellness products, like makeup bags, yoga mats, lip balms and more. Most people are very happy to receive these branded beauty products because they are so busy with work and life they often forget to think about themselves and take care of themselves.

When you make the extra effort to give any of these custom health items your target audience will truly feel special and know you thought about them and their well-being.

Any time your recipients use the product you choose and see your brand logo they will remember your kind gift and are more likely to do business with you or continue to do business with you because they want to work with or for a company that makes them feel special and valued.

They can fill your office with various fragrances, such as vanilla, lavender, or cinnamon, calming your nerves, uplifting your mood, or stimulating your senses.

But candles are not the only way to add some scent to your office. You can also use scent marketing promotional products, which are products that use scent to create a positive and memorable impression of your brand.

Some of the scent marketing promotional products you can choose are reed diffusers, room sprays, fragrance sachets, and incense sticks. These products can diffuse natural or synthetic scents into the air, creating a pleasant and subtle aroma that can suit your office theme, season, or occasion.

Some of scent marketing promotional products that you can choose from are reed diffusers, room sprays, fragrance sachets, and scented candles. Some active workers release stress by crushing something with their hands.

Color-changing stress balls do not have to be in ball shapes; they can be customized for your industry, such as a truck-shaped squeezable toy, or a cruise-ship stress ball keychain, or a pop-up toy that can double as a pen holder.

Squeeze your worries away with a customized stress-release toy. Choose from different shapes, colors, and designs to create your own color-changing stress balls. What if your employees need something to do with their hands in long meetings or dealing with pressure? Fidget toys come to the rescue.

Your options range from spinners to cubes , eggs , popping bubbles , and balls. Do your staff prefer something more active? Maybe a reaction ball can raise their adrenaline level to prepare for that important pitch. Sometimes, it is good to cool down, debrief, and reflect on lessons learned. Coloring books for adults provide a calming experience — with the soft scratching sounds of the pencils on the page, the repetitive hand movements, and the mindful attention to detail.

They have proved to relax the mind while also providing a creative outlet for the innovators in your company. Branded first aid kits [ link ], pill boxes [ link ], and masks are a few promotional ideas for the healthcare industry.

Hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies may want to check out these designs for custom sanitizer bottle glorifiers , infrared thermometers , or UV light sanitizers. These promotional products with your custom logo can make considerate gifts for your healthcare workers. Promotional products with your custom logo can be considerate gifts.

After exercising, your body feels hot. Wiping your sweat may not be enough. So, here is a product that wipes off sweat and cools down the body. This cooling towel with a container can be custom-designed with your logo or brand colors.

If you want to customize this for your company, please contact us and quote product code ODM for reference. Fidget spinners are a great way to ease boredom, relieve stress, and help with anxiety.

But these are no ordinary fidget spinners. They are a 2-in-1 product: a fidget toy with the additional functionality of highlighters. Fidget toys come in various shapes and designs, and here are some of our favorites:. All About Types and Quality Levels for Fidget Toys.

Here is another stress relief fidget toy for working adults! The magnetic ring massages the fingers and joints, which helps relieve tension in the hands. Promotional Water Bottles Drinking plenty of water helps our bodies in so many ways. It can help reduce sugar cravings, improve mood, and prevent kidney issues.

As such, this is an ideal corporate gift for office workers and work-from-home employees. Having a bottle of water beside them saves them time getting water from the pantry.

Water bottles also rank high on the list of favorite promotional items. Marketing managers love them because of the unlimited advertising benefits they provide. Simply printing your brand name on the bottle can give you immense brand exposure.

Here is a list of unique water bottles; some of them have additional functionalities, such as an earphone case and charger.

Top 7 Multifunctional Customized Water Bottles You Need! Branded Yoga Mats Unplug from your devices and meditate! Meditation or even simple deep breathing in the morning can positively impact your overall physical and mental health. It calms you down and boosts mental sharpness by reducing stress hormones and prompting your body to release hormones that promote self-healing and relaxation.

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