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We hope you love our recommendations! Some may have been sent as samples, but all were independently selected by our editors. Promising review: "I purchased this product for me and my best friend, as we're trying to eliminate plastic straws from our lives.

I love how small it is, and I love the design, as I have it clipped on my keys and looks super cute. The straws are a super cute color, and it doesn't seem to be fading. The straw also had a pretty good length, but it is not adjustable, considering it is silicone.

The case is not that big, compared to my AirPods case. I truly love this and would definitely recommend it as a gift. Promising review: "Well, these are amazing.

I didn't expect them to be. I ordered these just to try. I did not expect to love them as much as I do. They are thick and sturdy. The top is easy to close, and it stays closed.

Cleaning is a breeze because the opening is big enough to get your scrubber in there and really get it clean. Plus, when you run out, all you have to do is buy the small refill packs , instead of getting a new bottle every time. The cleaner is made without any triclosan, parabens, phosphates, ammonia, chlorine bleach, phthalates, or VOCs.

Promising review: "This is a very effective cleaner. The bottles very nice and sturdy and the refills are a bargain. Promising review: "Overall, these are fantastic plates! These are the best faux plastic plates I've purchased. There was no funky smell, and they have held up time and time again in the dishwasher and microwave.

They are also incredibly easy to hand wash. The plates are virtually non-stick. Melted cheese couldn't even bond to these little BPA free beasts. Great price. Great product. Great purchase.

Promising review: "I keep this bag in my purse, so I am ready at all times to use this instead of getting a store plastic bag. I love that it is washable. Get one to reduce plastic bags in our environment!

I highly recommend it!! Celsious is a Black woman-owned laundromat in Brooklyn. The shop is energy efficient, and they also sell eco-friendly garment care products and accessories. this sweater pill remover is made in the US. Promising review: "This is such an incredible product for the kitchen.

What a great product. It's so easy to use. I love that this is reusable, and the quality is so good. The wax seals right to my containers and blocks odors and keeps my leftovers fresh. Read one BuzzFeeder's full review of the beeswax food wrap here.

Promising review: "As an environmentalist, I always choose eco-friendly products in my daily life. I would totally recommend this bamboo toothbrush set. Not only it is biodegradable, but it does clean your teeth. The bamboo toothbrush set comes with 4 different colored toothbrushes. They are very beautiful and you never have to worry that you may mix your toothbrush with your family members.

The Germany imported bristle is not too hard nor too soft, which is super suitable for my teeth. I would like to buy another set for my family. I highly recommend them!!! Promising review: "I love these reusable filters. They were exactly what I hoped for! I would highly recommend them for people who like to use loose leaf tea and want to avoid using disposable tea bags.

Fill More Waste Less is a Black-owned small business offering zero-waste essentials and refill options to help people live more eco-friendly This dish-washing block is made with aloe vera in it so it's gentle on your hands.

The set includes a knife, fork, spoon, chopsticks, bent straw, straight straw, straw brush, and one storage bag that fits it all. Promising review: "This is a great substitute for plastic utensils. Promising review: "This is truly an amazing replacement for plastic wrap or other covers that are not eco-friendly!

And it saves you money in the long run! Plus, they're easy to clean, easy to use, and durable as hell! This product is made by The USB Lighter Company, which designed the lighter to be able to last forever so it would be a more sustainable solution.

You can get up to lights per charge, and the lighter is gas-appliance safe. Promising review: "We use the lighters mainly for candles and have always bought new ones when the lighter fluid runs out. I love the idea that this can be charged for future use with the charging cord provided.

There is no flame so the attraction to children is not there. It does a great job — you just have to hold it near the wick a few seconds longer.

Really great item!!! Promising review: "I love these huggers! They work perfect on my veggies and even bananas. Save time and I'm not using baggies. They're great! Promising review: "I clean for a living, so using these on the job as well as my home makes life much easier, and I can feel better about not being so wasteful.

I use them for drying my hands, cleaning the countertops, and as a reusable Swiffer pad for floors. What I do is mark each one with a Sharpie. My first initial for hands and face at home, 'C' for cleaning counters and 'F' for floor. What I love about these the most is they dry a lot quicker than regular towels and washing them is super easy.

Dirt and grime tends to just rinse right out. Even on the mop pads. It's incredible. Now I don't have to waste money buying the Swiffer refills. These are different to use but it's worth figuring out what works for you!! A must buy for eco-friendly cleaning! Promising review: "I love these reusable pads for my Swifter WetJet!

I feel like they pick up so much more dirt and junk than the disposable pads! They seem to stay on the mop nicer as well. Better for the environment and better for you!! Highly recommend!! Promising review: "I ordered these bags because I am trying to limit the amount of plastic zip-top bags I use when packing my lunch.

These bags are lined with some kind of insulated material which is very easy to clean. The outside fabric is also very easy to clean. The zippers work well, too.

Pur Home is a Black woman-owned company focused on environmentally-friendly cleaning and home products. This powder contains only plant-derived ingredients and is non-toxic and biodegradable.

Promising review: "I purchased this product because I wanted to support a Black and woman-owned small business and because I have been trying to be a more environmentally friendly home. I am glad I did. The multi-surface powder smells wonderful and did an amazing job cleaning out my shower.

It also doesn't feel harsh to my sinuses while I clean. And it comes with an adorable little spoon to sprinkle out the powder. Happy that Pur-home is now a part of my regular cleaning routine! Promising review: "I did a lot of research when it came to picking this cup out. I was sort of intimidated about the thought of putting a cup in my hooha, but hey it is better for the environment and no risk of TSS, so I was down to try it.

Lucky for your wallet, being eco-friendly and lowering your energy bill go hand in hand! Sure, you might feel like a vampire sitting in the dark, but your house will feel a lot cooler. And when the temperatures outside drop, do the exact opposite—open the blinds and let that warm sunshine work its heating magic for free!

Similar to the last tip, set a schedule for your thermostat to keep your energy use— and utility bills —low. Sometimes, turning your air or heat on for just a couple hours a day is enough to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. It may not seem like a big deal, but getting into the habit of turning off electronics and lights can make a huge difference on your bills and the environment.

Bringing your own bag to the store is an easy way to reduce waste and, in some cases, save you money some stores are now charging a few cents per bag. But think beyond grocery bags. How much money do you shell out on single-use snack, sandwich and freezer bags?

Just like storage bags, rechargeable batteries are more expensive on the front end. But—if used properly—they can be reused hundreds to sometimes thousands of times, saving you a lot of money on batteries in the long run.

Not to mention, regular batteries are full of chemicals that are super harmful to the environment if not recycled properly. Check with your local electronics store or county to see if they have battery recycling programs. This might be groundbreaking news to some of you, but cold water will wash your clothes just as well as hot water.

Switching your washing machine temperature to cold is a simple way to save on your water bill and help save the environment.

And speaking of showers. Yeah, we can hear the groans already. For many of us, nothing beats a nice, long shower. But hear us out—quick showers will save you time and money!

The same goes for running the washing machine just because you ran out of socks. Choosing to hang-dry your clothes instead of running the dryer is a simple and cheap way to go green.

The only time you want a full mailbox is on a special occasion—like birthdays and holidays. Otherwise, your mailbox is probably full of bills, bank statements, junk mail and credit card offers aka more junk mail. Most companies will gladly help you opt out of paper statements because it saves them time and money too.

What about that pesky junk mail you never subscribed to? Enter your information on OptOutPrescreen. They promise to keep you free of junk mail for five years—or forever if you send them a form in the mail. But eating less meat is a simple way to be eco-friendly.

Something as simple as adding meatless Mondays to the menu can make a big difference in your budget and the environment. A lot of people turn up their nose when they hear leftovers.

Doubling your recipes is one of the best ways to get more bang—or food—for your buck. So there you have it—some new eco-friendly habits that can help your budget and the environment. Looking for an eco-friendly way to stay on top of your spending?

Check out our free budgeting app, EveryDollar! It makes it easy to tell your money where to go—and keep track of your expenses throughout the month.

Plus, it's way more convenient and sustainable than the traditional paper budget.

Top 10 Eco-friendly, USA-made Promotional Products Under $1 Each ; 1. Recycled Bike Bottle ; 2. Personalized Vegetable Herb Seed Packets ; 3. Food and Pet Can Lids Want to help stop plastic pollution and aid the environment? Here are 48 eco friendly products you can buy today to make an impact 1. Some collapsible silicone straws that fold up and fit into a small carrying case, so you can easily bring them wherever you go and always


The Best Sustainable Products For Zero Waste Living - Eco Friendly - Lucie Fink

Budget-friendly planet-friendly products - Missing Top 10 Eco-friendly, USA-made Promotional Products Under $1 Each ; 1. Recycled Bike Bottle ; 2. Personalized Vegetable Herb Seed Packets ; 3. Food and Pet Can Lids Want to help stop plastic pollution and aid the environment? Here are 48 eco friendly products you can buy today to make an impact 1. Some collapsible silicone straws that fold up and fit into a small carrying case, so you can easily bring them wherever you go and always

However, it is estimated that the average household can save hundreds of dollars per year by making the switch. The Saalt cup is an eco-friendly and cost-effective menstrual cup solution that can be reused for years, unlike traditional products that generate waste.

It offers a discreet and convenient option while minimizing your environmental impact. The Saalt Cup is available in a range of color options, including Desert Blush , Ocean Blue, and Foam Green. It comes in three sizes - Teen , Small, and Large. Consumers can choose to purchase a single cup , a Duo Pack , or a Zero Waste Period Bundle that includes a menstrual cup, a menstrual cup wash, and an organic reusable pantyliner.

We did the math! In contrast, a menstrual cup can last for several years, making it a more cost-effective solution in the long run. By choosing a menstrual cup like the Saalt Cup, individuals can enjoy the benefits of a discreet and convenient menstrual solution while saving money compared to traditional options.

GOpure Pod is a ceramic water filtration device that utilizes diatomaceous earth to attract impurities from tap water while retaining valuable minerals.

It achieves a balance between removing impurities and preserving essential minerals. The potential savings from using GOpure Pod depend on several factors. But, by filtering tap water and reducing or eliminating the need for bottled water, the GOpure Pod may result in cost savings over time.

GOpure Pod is durable and effective, so it can save money on the costs associated with purchasing and maintaining other filtration systems. Reusable coffee filters are an eco-friendly alternative to disposable paper filters for coffee makers. They can be washed and used multiple times and they fit into the same holder as a paper filter.

Coffee Sock provides an eco-friendly option for coffee lovers with its reusable coffee filters. Ditch disposable filters for a more sustainable solution that lasts for a year without affecting the taste of your morning cup. The exact amount saved from using reusable coffee filters depends on the amount of coffee you brew.

However, it's likely that you can see substantial savings compared to disposable filters over time. Reusable filters are a more cost-effective solution as they do not require constant repurchasing, unlike disposable filters.

A reusable tissue pack is an eco-friendly container made of materials like cloth or silicone that can be filled with tissues and used multiple times. It reduces waste compared to disposable tissue packs. The Reusable Tissue Pack from Last Object is an eco-friendly option that features soft, absorbent, and sustainable materials.

The pack contains 6 GOTS-certified organic cotton tissues housed in a hygienic silicone case, which includes a silicone barrier to keep used tissues separate from clean ones. These tissues can be washed and used repeatedly, with a lifespan of up to uses per tissue! Unless you have a superhuman nose that can blow itself into oblivion, the savings from using a reusable tissue pack might not make you rich.

But hey, every penny counts, right? So why not save a few by ditching those single-use tissue packets and use a reusable one instead? Your wallet will thank you and the environment will give you a high five! Reusable water bottles made of materials like stainless steel, bamboo, or glass are an eco-friendly and cost-effective option for holding and transporting drinking water, as opposed to disposable plastic bottles.

This Double Wall Insulated Water Bottle offers a sustainable solution to single-use plastic bottles. Stay refreshed on the go and make the most of your adventures. With insulation that keeps drinks cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 12 hours, you can enjoy your favorite beverages anytime, anywhere.

Plus, its leak-proof design makes it perfect for travel and outdoor activities. Yes, reusable water bottles can save money. Using reusable bottles instead of continually purchasing disposable plastic bottles can reduce your spending on beverages and contribute to a more sustainable future.

The initial cost of a reusable bottle may be higher, but it can be used for a much longer period of time and eliminates the need for constant replacement. In addition, many places offer refills for a lower price when using a reusable bottle, making it a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly choice.

Pairing a reusable water bottle with a GoPure Pod will help you save hundreds of dollars a year! Reusable bags made of durable materials like cotton or recycled plastic provide a more eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastic bags for shopping , carrying , or storing items.

They can be washed and used repeatedly, reducing waste and many are made from environmentally-friendly materials like organic cotton or recycled plastic.

Yes, using reusable bags can save you money. Single-use plastic bags are often provided for free by stores, but many cities and states have implemented fees or taxes on them to encourage the use of reusable bags and reduce waste.

By bringing your own reusable bags when you go shopping, you can avoid these fees and save money over time. Safety razor, or often known as double edge razor, has been around for more than years! It's the old-school shaving tool with a protective device between the blade edge and where it comes in contact with skin.

It's a great eco-friendly alternative to disposable plastic razors. Instead of replacing the entire cartridge, you will just need to replace the blades and you are ready for your next shaving adventure. Big YES! A Safety Razor can serve you for decades!

Instead of running out of razors and constantly purchasing new ones, opt-in for a reusable alternative that will cut your monthly expenses. Reusable straws made of materials like stainless steel, glass, silicone, or bamboo are an eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastic straws.

They come in various styles and can be washed and reused, reducing plastic waste. By using this Collapsible Straw Set , you can bid farewell to the harmful plastic straws that are causing damage to our oceans and marine life.

The compact and collapsible design comes with a food-grade silicone tip, providing a comfortable and enjoyable sipping experience. The added bonus of an aluminum travel case with a keychain allows you to carry it with you wherever you go, making it a convenient and eco-friendly alternative.

Yes, reusable straws can save money. Subpod Subpod Mini Essentials Bundle- In-Garden Compost System No reviews. Shampoo Bar - 12 Scent Options reviews. Conditioner Bar - 12 Scent Options reviews. Soap Rest reviews. No Tox Life Dish Washing Block - Dish Soap Bar, Zero Waste, Vegan, 6oz reviews.

Blue Heron Botanicals Lip Therapy Balm - Zero Waste Lip Balm, Plastic Free, Organic, Multiple Flavors 71 reviews.

Huppy Toothpaste Tablets - Zero Waste Toothpaste - All-Natural, Plastic Free, Refillable, 62 ct. ZWS Essentials Silicone Baking Mat 2-Pack - Rectangle or Round 3 reviews. ZWS Essentials Laundry Detergent Sheets - 60 Loads reviews. ZWS Essentials Bamboo Hair Brush reviews. ZWS Essentials Bamboo Soap Dish 56 reviews.

Shop New Arrivals. Cotopaxi Men's Cielo Recycled Rain Anorak No reviews. tentree Men's TreeBlend Classic T-Shirt 2 reviews. tentree Women's Highline Wool Turtleneck 1 review. tentree Instow Drawstring Shorts 1 review.

Cotopaxi Men's Teca Calido Hooded Jacket No reviews. Boody Bamboo G-String Underwear 5 reviews. tentree Women's TreeBlend Classic T-Shirt 4 reviews. Boody Men's Bamboo Long Boxers 2 reviews. tentree Atlas Men's Sweatpants EV2 6 reviews. Conscious Step Socks that Fight for Equality 1 review.

Underprotection Clay Luna Bra No reviews. Cotopaxi Women's Teca Calido Hooded Vest No reviews. Shop Apparel. Cotopaxi: ethical backpacks and apparel Make your next adventure colorful. Over new products just landed! Shop New arrivals. Learn More. Show product Countertop Compost Bin - Bamboo Fiber Composter, Dishwasher Safe, 1.

Davids Fluoride Free Peppermint Toothpaste 36 reviews. Subscription Products. Materials and Ingredients. Company Responsibility. Ownership and Representation. Packaging and End of Life. Give Back Programs.

Materials Company Ownership Packaging Give Back. Read Article baby products Growing Greener Futures: 10 Natural Baby Products for The Eco-Conscious Parent Discover 10 natural baby products for eco-conscious parents at our website.

10 Eco-Friendly Products That Will Help You Save Money Education Energy Efficiency Going Planet-freindly Renewable Energy. Beijing Winter Budget-friendly planet-friendly products Sustainability: How Eco-Friendly Are the Pocket-Friendly Food Options This might plaent-friendly groundbreaking news to some Budget-friendly planet-friendly products you, Budget-friebdly cold water will wash your clothes just as well as hot water. Reusable containers made of durable materials like stainless steel, bamboo, or glass can be used multiple times, reducing the need for single-use containers. Subpod Subpod Grow Bundle - Subpod Compost System 2 reviews. June 15, 4 min read.

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