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Otherwise you can use commercial apps like Extreme sample converter or CDXtract. For example. akp files I think ShortCircuit sampler can import them just fine. If there is an converted entry consisting only of.

wav files, then it's because it wasn't necessary to convert an entire CD to sampler based patches. For example sample CD consisting of drum samples only. Ableton Live -- can import AKAI ISO files but sometimes conversion can have unpredictable behaviour on some patches FL Studio -- suppoerts.

sfz file using Directwave plugin Apple Logic -- I think EXS sampler had an option for importing AKAI CDs Reason -- NN-XT can import.

sf2 files but not. Default extension is. sxt or. sx2 Bitwig -- Can import. sfz files natively and. sf2 as well. All images in ISO, MDX or NRG formats cannot be opened by Windows, Linux nor Mac OS due to the different structure of partitioning in these images.

AKAI used their own proprietary format. com - most of AKAI CDs are from this website. Addeddate Identifier retro-sample-cds Scanner Internet Archive HTML5 Uploader 1.

plus-circle Add Review. There are no reviews yet. Be the first one to write a review. download 1 file. download 4 files. bradholland You were right- Keka did the trick. Great find!

Are these going to be an issue to figure out for us less computer literate folk? is this going to do the trick? I used to use Unarchiver, but dont on my DAW mac for whatever reason. I can say the default mac tool is not good.

The suggestion bradholland mentioned is available in the app store for 2. Heres the app store link. A bit more info for anyone else on a mac at least. Here is the mac app store link. If you have other apps that do the batch resample I would be interested in hearing about them as well. StupidAmericanPig Thank you for that link.

bradholland getting them tonight ill have a download link for yah by the am sir thanks for everything sir. Ive searched high and low for the torrent file. I havent found it. I am happy to send an SD card once I have it all organized and resampled.

As an added bonus Im in the midst of formatting the Emulator II library for use in the S…. bradholland and everyoneelse.

this link holds many classics you will know from the 90s - they have been split into folders by type by someone too…so lots of work removed. Found out about this today- Tons of 90s sample cds on Archive. Best Service - XXL Club Edition 2. Best Service - XXL Extreme 1 - Brandnew DrumLoops.

Best Service - XXL Production Effects Akai. Best Service - XXL Production Effects. Best Service - XXLarge Classic DrumLoops.

Best Service - XXLarge Extreme HipHop Volume 3. Best Service Advanced Media Trax Building Blocks. Best Service Advanced Media Trax Modern Composer. Best Service Alpha Dance vol. Best Service Dance Mega Disco House. Best Service Dance Mega Drums.

Best Service Dance Mega House Dance. Best Service Dance Mega Jungle Rave. Best Service Dance Mega Synth. Best Service Dream Experience. Best Service Gigapack 1. Best Service Gigapack 2.

Best Service Horny Club Sounds. Best Service Hyper Dance. Best Service ProSamples vol. Big Fish Audio - Alien Guitars. Big Fish Audio - DOM. Big Fish Audio - DX7 Keys Akai. Big Fish Audio - Didgeridoo and Other Primitive Instruments.

Big Fish Audio - First Call Vintage Keyboards AKAI. Big Fish Audio - First Call Vintage Keyboards. Big Fish Audio - Guitar Expressions AKAI CD1. Big Fish Audio - Guitar Expressions AKAI CD2. Big Fish Audio - Hardcore Breakbeat Action. Big Fish Audio - Legendary - Smooth RnB.

Big Fish Audio - Old Skool House. Big Fish Audio - Platinum Essentials. Big Fish Audio - Prosonus Drum Loops. Big Fish Audio - Ross Garfield Drums VOL Big Fish Audio - Synclav FM. Big Fish Audio - Synth City. Big Fish Audio Uncivilised G'rooves.

Bizarre Planet Sampling CD. Bob Clearmountain Drums I. Bolder Sounds - Granular. CMP - Analogon. Club - Foundations Roland. Coldcut's Kleptomania VOL1. Crypton - DrumBase Digital Sound Factory - E-MU Vintage Pro.

Drumdrops - Compact Disco. Drumdrops In Dub VOL Drums In Your FACE!. E Lab-XTc Files of House WAV. E-Lab - X Static Goldmine 1. E-Lab - X Static Goldmine 2.

E-Lab - X Static Goldmine 3. E-Lab - XTC Files of Jungle. E-MU - Cakewalk Dimension Proteus Pack. E-MU - Beat Shop One.

E-MU - BeatShop Two. E-MU - Platinum 88 Professional Grand Piano Disc 1. E-MU - Techno Synth Construction Yard X. E-MU Classic Series Vol 01 Emulator Standards. E-MU Classic Series Vol 02 More Emulator Standards.

E-MU Classic Series Vol 03 Orchestral. E-MU Classic Series Vol 05 World Instruments. E-MU Classic Series Vol 06 World Percussion Ensembles. E-MU Classic Series Vol 07 E-mu Classics. E-MU Classic Series Vol 08 Vintage.

E-MU Classic Series Vol 09 Psychic Horns. E-MU Classic Series Vol 10 Elements Of Sound 1MB. E-MU Classic Series Vol 11 Elements Of Sound 2MB.

E-MU Classic Series Vol 13 Dance E-MU Classic Series Vol 15 Bass Collection. E-MU Classic Series Vol 16 Twenty Six Studio Drum Kits And Percussion.

E-MU Classic Series Vol 17 Heavy Guitars. E-MU EXB Soundbanks. E-MU Formula Series Vol. E-MU Modern Symphonic Orchestra [DVD 1 of 5]. E-MU Modern Symphonic Orchestra [DVD 2 of 5]. E-MU Modern Symphonic Orchestra [DVD 3 of 5].

E-MU Modern Symphonic Orchestra [DVD 5 of 5]. E-MU Producer Series Vol. E-MU Sound Central X Proteus Producer. E-MU Studio Grand. E-MU Xperience. E-mu E4 Ultra Production Set Backup CD E-mu Emulator Production Set CD EIII Factory Sounds Vol.

EW PS18 Steinberg Grand Piano. EZ Rollers - Drum and Bass. East Collexion - Bass S East Collexion - Drum 1 Dry. East West - Dance Industrial II. East West - Funky Ass Loops. East West - Global Sounds. East West - Quantum Leap Brass FULL. East West - Quantum Leap Horns Sax. East West - Scoring Tools.

East West - Steve Stevens Guitar Samples Collection. East West - Symphonic Adventures. East West - Technophobia. East West - Tekno Industrial. East West - The Ultimate Piano Collection.

East West - The Ultimate String Collection Akai. East West - The Ultimate String Collection. East West - Twisted Textures-BT CD1. East West - Twisted Textures-BT CD2. East West - Twisted Textures-BT CD3.

EastWest - Dance Mega Hip Hop Electro. EastWest - Smoov Grooves. EdgeSounds - Drum Mashines VOL Equipped Music - Loungin House. Extreme Music - Drones. FM 57 - The Ultimate Sample Collection Fox Samples - Back to the 70s Guitars. Future Music CD1. Garritan - GigaHarp.

Giga Samples Collection. Good Stuff Audio - Didgeridoo And Overtone. Greytsounds - Philip Wolfe David Crozier's Saxophones.

Greytsounds - Scott Peers Sound Engineering. Greytsounds VOL Hadeeth - Arabic Rhythms Sample CD. Hollywood Edge - Giorgio Moroder Rare Synthesizer Collection. Hollywood Edge - The Big Bad Beatmachine. ILIO - Double Platinum Drums 1. ILIO - Double Platinum Drums 2.

ILIO - Double Platinum Drums disc 2 - Room Instrument Hits and Kit Combinations. ILIO - Ethno Techno CD2. ILIO - Ethno Techno CD4. ILIO - Fretworks - Blues Guitar Samples.

ILIO - Hot Steel Blues. ILIO - Kirk Hunter Virtuoso Strings VOL ILIO - Propeller Island Legendary M ILIO - Propeller Islands Cathedral Organ. ILIO - Synclavier Strings. ILIO - Trance Fusion Sample CD. ILIO - Trance Fusion. ILIO - Vocal Planet VOL-1 - Gospel.

ILIO - Vocal Planet VOL-5 - World Voices. ILIO - Vocal Planet VOL-6 - Data Disc. INIS - Funky Xtreams. INIS - Opium. INIS - Vintage. InVision Interactive - 40 Oz Phat Slammin Hip Hop.

InVision Interactive - Keith Emerson - The Most Dangerous Synth and Organ. InVision Interactive - Keith Emerson Lucky Man. InVision Interactive - Miroslav Vitous - Acoustic Piano. InVision Interactive - Percussion Slam. InVision Interactive - The Piano.

InVision Interactive -Miroslav Vitous - Acoustic Piano. Infinite Sound - Ambient Atmospheres. KORG - Sound Sampling Collection VOL-3 - Grand Piano Kaeru Cafe - British Reggae And Ska Loop. Keyboards of The 60's and 70's - CD1. Keyboards of The 60's and 70's - CD2.

Kid Nepro - Elite. Kniteforce - Samples Volume 1. Korg - DDD Larry Seyer - Upright Acoustic Bass. M-Audio - Pro Sessions VOL - Abstract World Fusion 2. M-Audio Pro Sessions VOL - Liquid Cinema - Cinematic Impact. Mango Loops - Indian Percussion Series - Tabla. Masterbits - Dance Trax. Masterbits - Inspiration Zone.

Masterbits - Soniq Elements. Masterbits - Switch FX. Masterbits - TR-Minator. Masterbits - Tekkno Therapy. Masterbits - Tekkno Trax. Masterbits - Total Zone. Masterbits - Vintage Voltage. Masterbits - Vinyl Attack. Masterbits - World Zone VOL-3 - Salsa Picante.

Masterbits CLIMAX 10 - Add Lips Vocals. Masterbits CLIMAX 3 - Guitars. Masterbits CLIMAX 6 - Rapsody Vocals II. Masterbits CLIMAX 7 - Bass. Masterbits CLIMAX 8 - B3 Organ. Masterbits CLIMAX 9 - Rapsody.

Mike Pinder - Mellotron Archive CD. Miroslav Vitous - Solo Instruments VOL Miroslav Vitous - String Ensembles. Miroslav Vitous - Woodwind Brass Ensemble. Music Store - Claudius Diemeter Schwerlos.

Music Store - Yamaha VP Music Store Sound Service - Einstein. Mutekki Media - Dance Ultra Voice VOL Mutekki Media - Diamond Vocals 2.

Mutekki Media - Ultimate Vocals VOL Neil Conte's Funky Drums From Hell NiceBeats NiceBytes - Studioline 09 - Synth Leads. Norman Cook - Skip to my Loops. NorthStar - Global Instruments - Volume 1 S7xx. NorthStar - Global Instruments - Volume 2 S7xx.

NorthStar - Global Instruments VOL NorthStar - The Wizard VOL Northstar - Drumscapes Roland. Northstar - New Gold VOL Northstar - The Wizard VOL OMI - Universe of Sounds.

Old World Instruments [Disk 1 of 2]. Old World Instruments [Disk 2 of 2]. Optical Media International - Sonic Images Library. Optigan - The Official Orchestron. Partition E. Platinum Audiolab - Acoustic Live Drum. Polestar Magnetics - XL1. PowerFX - Club Trackbuilders. PowerFX - Downtown Orchestra.

PowerFX - Nu Jazz House. PowerFX - Uptown Breaks. Pro-Rec - Synthsonic. Producer Series Vol. Propeller Island - Cathedral Organ. Propeller Island - Complete Gamelan. Q Up Arts - Denny Jaeger Master Violin Library. Q Up Arts - Denny Jaeger Private Collection.

Q Up Arts - Dream Experience. Q Up Arts - Johnny. Q-Up Arts - Pandora's Toolbox Reconstructed CDDA. Q-Up Arts - Pandora's Toolbox. Quazibeat - African Secret. Quazibeat - Rock Heaven Drums. Rarefaction - Poke in The Ear With A Sharp Stick.

Rawcutz - Nu Forms. › details › samplepacks A line drawing of the Internet Archive headquarters building façade What is a sample CD?In music, sampling is the reuse of a portion (or sample) of a sound recording in another recording. Samples may comprise

Online sample packs archive - These are so nostalgic, can't help but think what it would have been like to have access to all these back in the 90's! Sample Packs were so › details › samplepacks A line drawing of the Internet Archive headquarters building façade What is a sample CD?In music, sampling is the reuse of a portion (or sample) of a sound recording in another recording. Samples may comprise

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Publication date Usage Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4. This is an attempt to recover a part of the legendary item 90sSampleCDs from the archivist CyberYoukai in his own words:. Everything is stored in WAV unless otherwise is stated at the end of the File Name.

Keep in mind these are really old and haven't been ripped by me to begin with, so a few tracks may sound glitchy or outright corrupted, nothing I can do about it.

The original 90sSampleCDs item was removed along with another mirror called "FreeSamplePacks Archive" due to an unfair claim. A capture with the last state of both items can be downloaded from here. For more info, see the thread of this forum:. I'll try to start uploading the smallest and those that are not in the torrents list below or in the item of the user Yananselmo my upload speed is very bad , like a 3G phone in a rural area, but I hope to solve that at some point and create several mirrors of the files in this item.

Therefore I recommend that you try to download and share the following ones:. torrent 7zipped. Magnet link: magnet:? Torrent file: 90ssamplecds. torrent 7zipped Magnet link: magnet:? torrent file size is ~86 MB. Maybe the problem was that the torrent was created in a great hurry using different sources.

The point is that it's no longer possible to modify it. Addeddate Identifier old-school-sample-cds-collection Reviews allowed frozen Scanner Internet Archive HTML5 Uploader 1.

Reviewer: Kukuruzo - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - August 9, Subject: KORG Sound Designer Electribe CD Hey guys! Does anybody know where to find an old KORG Sound Designer CD for old Electribes? Reviewer: Holgast - - July 18, Subject: Large torrent file not loading in Deluge Same issue as last reviewer, the large torrent file crashes Deluge.

Would appreciate if someone could upload its contents separately or in parts. Reviewer: THRNDROSE - - July 12, Subject: Problems with large torrent file? Is anyone else having issues with the large torrent file not loading into Deluge? It's able to open the file after I click "Add" but then hitting "Add" again after the file has finished opening results with no download beginning as far as I can see.

Would love to get my hands on these samples if possible. Reviewer: jasperfulf - favorite favorite favorite favorite - May 29, Subject: baller samples i cannot live without these distored reality 1 has some broken samples with data noise in the middle of them but outside of that this seems to be good.

Reviewer: polyspace - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - April 9, Subject: samples not playing I am running into the same issue as the person below me.

I am downloading packs from the torrent one by one, as I don't have a lot of free space on my laptop. So far, all audio files have been corrupt except for one pack where the wav files were created in Am I missing something here?

Do i need to have some type of conversion software to make it compatible with my modern os? I am running macos big sur if that helps. Reviewer: Tricky - - October 13, Subject: Samples not playing For me a majority of the samples don't seem to play in any player, sampler or DAW.

How do you work with them? Reviewer: bassattack - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - October 1, Subject: Amazing Find! Thanks for sharing! Happy beat making everyone! The torrents are broken btw. Parrot EP by Acutek. The new single from this UK act is electronic music at its most searing, with white-hot electronics blazing over hectic beats.

Wire Broke by Closet Yi. The Spectrum E. P by Presence. featured on Bandcamp Radio Aug 23, Bandcamp Daily your guide to the world of Bandcamp.

Angry Blackmen join the show to discuss their newest release, "The Legend Of ABM". Get fresh music recommendations delivered to your inbox every Friday. You can review the changes here. music merch community. supported by. Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.



How To Sell Sample Packs - Finalizing Your Pack \u0026 Artwork INIS Affordable Meat Offers Budget-friendly meal deals. com - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite arcgive June 27, Subject: Request Onpine you Affordable Meat Offers more Korg and Alesis arrchive in the torrent files? E-MU Classic Series Vol 01 Emulator Standards. Polestar Magnetics - XL1. Reviewer: Jarngal - favorite favorite favorite favorite - September 17, Subject: Can we get these as ISOs? AMG - Coldcut's Kleptomania VOL Best Service - Peter Siedlaczek's Advanced Orchestra FULL. Files for 90s-sample-cds

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