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When I checked them out, I found incredible offers for Maybelline XXL Mascara, Love Scent Pheromones, herbal potpourri. Just Free Stuff is an amazingly compendious site offering all kinds of deals for free samples for every category you can possibly think of. The website was started in , and over the years, it consistently ranks in the top ten of sites offering free stuff on most search engines.

It has dozens of freebie CDS on a dizzying array of subjects such as personal finance, education, and even how to plan a dream cruise. Another place to snag TONS of free samples is Samples Avenue. So, take a stroll down the bounteous paths of this cyber street if you want to taste what they offer.

And, you need to register with valid information including your full name, address, phone number, date of birth, and email address. The day I visited the site, they were offering a bottle of Tamar perfume, a free bath sponge from the Bath Club, free Duracell and Energizer batteries from Office Depot and OfficeMax, and lots of other swag at absolutely no cost to you.

These are such things as referring friends, participating in polls, and taking advantage of sponsored offers. There are no tedious surveys you must take to get your no-cost goodies, not do you have to pay shipping costs.

Another terrific site to satisfy your craving for free samples of every kind is Everyday Family. Like most of the other sites in this article, you pick out free samples to try, and they send them to you.

PINCHme does a superlative job of making sure the freebies you get are perfectly matched to your profile. So, make sure you answer all the questions when you register to increase your chances of getting the highest number of possible free samples.

You can get things like makeup wipes, Clorox cleaning wipes, fabulous skincare products, pocket tubes of soothing lotion, and even chocolate cookie squares all the way from France. Another place you can snag free stuff is Influenster.

These missions include telling all your social media friends about what was good and bad about the box you got. If you choose to accept it, your freebies will be sent to you as soon as you complete the task they set before you.

You can increase your chances of getting more missions from Smiley by completing the missions and answering any surveys available to you.

BzzAgent wants you to help them create irresistible BUZZ about the samples they offer. Ripple Street , formerly called House Party, is another terrific way to get free samples. SampleSource sends out sample boxes around four times a year.

Simply select 3 free samples, add them to your basket, and get them sent for free. The one catch is they do require you to purchase something at regular price to get the free samples.

Visit the free sample page on the Kotex website and you pick the free sample you want to receive. Unfortunately they no longer offer free samples of their tampons BUT you can get free samples of their pads and liners and they let you pick the exact kind you want to try out.

Sign-up for free with Vocal Point and get a ton of free samples from up and coming companies as well as new-concepts on products that already exist.

Ask the Reader: What companies have you discovered that send out free samples by mail on a regular basis? By Kyle James. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. They seem genuinely interested in opinions.

They send recipes consistently tho. Yeah l found your site somewhat interesting. It would probably be a good ideal for you to upgrade your site with more companies that offer more freebies and offers. This should be removed. Sephora is offering 2, not 3, free samples, only with a purchase.

FREE entices all of us, false advertising by money hungry companies that offer freebies just to get your personal info so they can sell it to other third parties. As a member of Lions International my club is wanting to make up packages for women in crisis.

We will be finding used purses, makeup bags etc and need to fill them with essentials for women who have been abused and have had to run from their homes with nothing other than what they are wearing at the time.

Also need items for children in this situation. Are you still offering this? Is it just in your local area or shipping available? Harmony House and Branches are two places here that I know coulr really benefit from any extra help to provide hygiene and sanitary products for women.

Looking for someone who will donate samples for our Lions Club to make up care packages for women and children in crisis. we have a safe house in our town and would like to make up packages for each resident as they come in which would include some essentials until they can get into better circumstances.

Would you be able to help? Hello, love your comment. Dont waste your time emailing procter and gamble companies for coupons or samples.

They wont send you any. Nivea and Eurcin didnt send any coupons but they sent a lot of samples. Method sent a 10 load sample of there laundry detergent, coupons for 2 free products and some stickers.

Many of the sounds in these packs are sent through tape machines or valve equipment, such as the Valve SK1 Drums, which comprises vintage Casio SK1 samples processed through SPL and Thermionic Culture valve gear. A free membership to Noiiz gives you access to its entire catalogue of Free Packs, with as many downloads as you like.

Signing up for a free membership is as simple as entering your email address and making a password. This includes packs from professional creators and artists, such as Hashfinger, Samplephonics , Machinedrum, Letherette and more.

Perhaps a surprising addition to this list is the database of free samples that the U. S Library of Congress has built. Citizen DJ is a resource that lets you browse audio recordings from over a hundred years ago, presented in a colourful interface with tools that allow for the instant browsing and auditioning of sounds.

It comprises soundtracks from movies, public service announcements, spoken word pieces, classic recordings and more from the Free Music Archive.

Drum tracks are built with sounds from classic drum machines and patterns, which you can sequence in your own way. You can download individual samples or get them as sample packs containing thousands of clips. The project was created for hip-hop producers and DJs by Brian Foo, a Library of Congress Innovator-in-Residence, who was inspired by the aesthetic of hip-hop records such as Fear of a Black Planet by Public Enemy.

Browse and play the Citizen DJ tool at citizen-dj. The BBC has made its vast collection of sound effects downloadable for free in WAV format.

A library of 16, recordings is accessible to all users under the terms of the RemArc license. However, it could be an ideal resource for honing your skills as a sound designer, building a portfolio or for education.

The library boasts sounds from the s onwards, with samples including FA Cup Final Wembley , Khatmandu: Busy street with heavy traffic and bizarre samples such as Inside a human or animal body.

The sounds are split into categories that range from World War II to St. You can also use a search bar to quickly locate specific samples, with each sound given a description, duration time and built-in player to listen to the sound before you download it.

Access the BBC Sound Effects library at bbcsfx. To give you an idea of the size of these folders, there are nearly recordings from the Apollo 11 mission alone, and loads more clips from other Apollo missions. Video game sounds can often provide a fruitful basis for unique sound design.

The Sounds Resource is a huge, easy-to-use website featuring a phenomenal collection of video game sounds. For example, the Mortal Kombat: Komplete Edition folder contains 96, samples.

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🎁 How to get FREE SAMPLES by Mail WITHOUT SURVEYS! And Websittes Free Sample Websites know of something you think should be added here, let us Free Sample Websites Wesites offers many resources for homeschooled Free product samples and their parents. Many of the sounds in these packs are sent through tape machines or valve equipment, such as the Valve SK1 Drums, which comprises vintage Casio SK1 samples processed through SPL and Thermionic Culture valve gear. Visit Smiley Why do companies give free samples?

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